Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Wonderful life events such as pregnancy and building a fitter, more muscular body can leave you with something not so wonderful: stretch marks. If you have stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain, body building, or other reasons, the certified aestheticians at Body Sculpt in McLean, Virginia, improve and fade them with cutting-edge Icon™ laser technology. Get back to smooth, clear skin by calling Body Sculpt for a private stretch-mark reduction treatment. You can also book your appointment online.

Why do I have stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a sign that your body moved too quickly for your skin to catch up. Stretch marks typically appear when your skin is stretched so suddenly that it doesn’t have time to produce enough collagen to accommodate the new area it must cover.

The stretched areas of your skin are marked with long, thin ripples known as stria. Fresh stretch marks may look reddish, pink, or have a purple-blue tone. Over time, stretch marks tend to become thinner and paler, but they rarely fade on their own without treatment.   

Stretch marks may be caused by:

  • Childhood growth spurts
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast implants
  • Increased muscle mass (bodybuilding)
  • Steroids
  • Conditions such as Cushing’s syndrome or Marfan syndrome
  • Genetics

What parts of the body get stretch marks?

Stretch marks may appear on almost any area of your body that is susceptible to sudden growth due to fat or muscle gain. Common areas for stretch marks include:

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Torso
  • Buttocks
  • Hips

How can I get rid of stretch marks?

Children and adolescents who develop stretch marks as a result of a growth spurt almost never need stretch-mark treatment. Childhood stretch marks tend to fade on their own.

Topical treatments containing retinoid or other collagen boosters may help slightly improve the appearance of stretch marks. You can get a more dramatic improvement in your stretch marks with laser therapy.

How does laser therapy remove my stretch marks?

The Icon uses short pulses of laser light to target old, damaged tissue. Your body then eliminates the destroyed cells through your lymph system. This process stimulates your skin to build healthy new collagen, improving the look and feel of your skin.

What are the advantages of Icon stretch mark reduction treatments?   

When your aesthetics professional at Body Sculpt treats your stretch marks with the Icon laser, you can expect benefits such as:

  • Fast treatment time
  • Little to no discomfort
  • Little to no downtime
  • Dramatic improvement in the look of your stretch marks
  • Healthier looking skin on treatment area

If you’d like to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, contact the certified Icon technicians at Body Sculpt. You can also book a private stretch mark reduction treatment by using the online appointment form.